Who We ARE

Coastal Metals Recycling has been serving the Bay County Area for over 40 years. Focusing on keeping our community clean, we provide a community service to keep our area green and reduce landfill waste.

With fast and friendly service, we purchase all types of recyclable metals turning your scrap metal into cash. Commercial and residential customers alike can benefit from selling the scrap metal you have just sitting around.


What We Do

Coastal Metals is a trusted and experienced provider of scrap metal recycling service for the Bay County area. We buy a wide variety of recyclable and precious metals and turn your scrap metals into instant cash! We work with both commercial and residential clients. From appliances, batteries and aluminum to copper, stainless steel or scrap automobiles, our purchasing and recycling services can simultaneously benefit clients and the environment.

If you have scrap metal that you would like to turn into cash, contact Coastal Metals at (850) 785-0267 today!

Coastal Metals is dedicated to offering our customers honest and reliable pricing for precious and scrap metal materials. We only use certified scales in our business and maintain an industrial plant service for selling used steel and furnishing containers. Call Coastal Metals today at (850) 785-0267 for recycling service that can turn your scrap metals into cash!